Reasons to Consider Private Health Insurance

Never considered taking out private health insurance? Here are some reasons that may change your mind.

Private health insurance is designed to cover the cost of medical care in the event that you may fall ill or be involved in an accident and require it in some form. In countries such as the United Kingdom where there is a public health service like the National Health Service (NHS), private health care can be less common, however, it does not mean that people shy away from it and millions of individuals in the UK live with some form of private health insurance plan. In countries such as the United States where there is no such thing as the NHS, private health insurance is much more widespread and embedded. This article will take you through a few of the benefits of private health insurance that may just change your mind towards considering a plan. You should also be sure to check what policies you may potentially be included under with new employees as many companies often have their own private health insurance which your family may also be a part of.

Despite a health system such as the NHS leaving other nations salivating with envy it is not without its flaws. With pretty much the entire UK population having access to the system this can often leave the process of things such as booking appointments long and extended and therefore can slow down the pace at which a diagnosis could be made for example. With private health insurance you would have the ability to make fast track appointments which sorts you out with the most suited specialist in the shortest time possible.

Everyone knows that comfort is invaluable when it comes to getting through treatment periods and the stage of recovery. Private health insurance will ensure that you will receive a sufficient en-suite, single bedroom when staying overnight in hospitals. Having such a room is not always possible in NHS hospitals and with this added privacy, it can make visits from friends and family much more intimate and personal. Anybody who has stayed overnight in an open room hospital ward will know the difficulties that can arise in such an environment. On top of these factors of comfort the food available at private hospitals tends to be of a much higher standard and you normally have the option to see the same consultant over and over again which can make a huge difference. Sometimes simply seeing the same familiar face can really make you feel more at home.

All private health insurance companies have their own network of doctors, surgeries and hospitals and it is worth looking into the specific affiliations that each insurance company has before deciding on an insurance provider. Typically, the patient will have a choice of hospital or doctor and this is a great freedom to have especially in terms of potentially finding a hospital near to home for the purposes of accessibility. On top of this, to match the NHS 24 helpline, most private health insurance companies tend to provide a similar 24 hour telephone helpline in case you wish to make any enquiries or require urgent care. Please be sure to look into the specifics of each health insurance company to get a better understanding of the exact services which they provide.

One of the greatest aspects of private health insurance is the ability for you to design a plan more suited to your needs. What is meant by this is that all plans do not necessarily need to cover each and every aspect of health care, it is possible to simply set up a plan that has specific types of treatment or care dis-included or alternatively you can select certain types of health care which you wish to be included. Depending on the aspects of health care which are included or dis-included in the plan, this will determine the cost of setting up the private health insurance. It should also be mentioned here that many private health insurance plans often include physiotherapy sessions and with your plan you may be able to receive cheaper sessions with less of a wait for appointments.

When it comes to the specific drugs or treatments that you may require, public health care systems such as the NHS do not necessarily include all of the latest expensive treatments or specific medicines that may be required to treat less common illnesses or disease. When covered by private health insurance, the chances of having these niche medicines and treatments available is much more high and could make a real difference when it comes to your treatment and recovery back to full health.

All of this being said, there also a few factors of private health insurance that you should be aware of before taking out a this form of extra coverage. Most plans do not include health care for pre-existing medical conditions, organ transplants, health care for pregnancies, chronic diseases (such as diabetes, HIV and AIDS etc.), and vanity operations such as plastic surgery procedures. There can be exceptions made depending on the situation, however, this is something that you will have to take up with your private health insurance provider when it comes down to it.

Ultimately, the beneficial aspects of private health care speak for themselves and rather than looking at it as an alternative to public health care you should simply view it as a way to compliment the services on offer in such systems as the NHS. For more information on specific private health insurance companies be sure to check out our blog section.

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