A Brief Introduction to the World of International Health Insurance

When you travel it is always crucial that you make sure that you ensure you have taken out travel insurance. In a similar fashion, international health insurance is designed so that you and your family are able to gain access to the best quality of health care possible when you are anywhere in the world. This type of help insurance was created to especially for those who work overseas and spend great amounts of their time abroad.

This article will look to inform you about the basic ins and outs of international health insurance to allow you to make a better and more educated decision in the case that you make require an international health insurance plan.

Who needs international health insurance?

As stated above, international health insurance was created for people who are both living and working abroad. Without a proper international health coverage plan you will be subject to foreign medical expenses. For non-citizens or non-permanent residents the cost of health care can be tremendously expensive and can often put severe strain on an individual’s finances simply to pay for ordinary medical treatment in the event that you may fall ill or be injured.

To bypass these costly expenses a proper international health insurance plan can be set up and you can be covered just about anywhere in the world.

How does travel insurance differ from international health insurance?

It is easy and common to get confused between travel insurance and international insurance. Both are designed to allow you to gain access to health care overseas, however, this also differ fundamentally. The main difference lies in the level of cover that you may receive when abroad.

Travel insurance, as suggested by the name, is more intended for people who are travelling, i.e. people on short trips for work, people travelling for leisure and general holiday makers. In these types of plans you are covered mainly for things such as emergency care in the unfortunate event that you may be in some sort of accident or contract a serious virus or infection. Understandably, this type of insurance is better suited to those only visiting another country for shorter periods of time. On the other hand, international health insurance provides you with a more complete cover in terms of health care and are therefore better suited to those spending long lengths of time in countries abroad.

It should also be noted that travel insurance covers you for thing such as baggage loss or hotel booking cancellations and is more tailored to making sure you receive insurance cover for particular aspects of a holiday. In this case, the primary focus is not solely on health care. International health insurance, however, is obviously intended to ensure you receive the best treatment you can abroad which can be handy if you require treatment for extended periods of time, especially if you are living there as well. Once again, this type of insurance would allow you to bypass any costly foreign medical treatment bills whereas on travel insurance you may well be subject.

So how to I take out an international health insurance plan?

There are a large number of firms across the world that offer international insurance coverage packages. When planning your new move to a country overseas, taking out the right insurance plan for you should be at the utmost of your priorities. You can never overvalue the significance of sufficient health care coverage. The following are some of the organisations that are available.

International Medical Group (IMG) offer a wide range of these insurance plans. IMG has been in the business for over a quarter of a century. They offer international insurance, short-term travel medical insurance, long-term international medical insurance, employer group insurance, insurance for international students and educators and standard travel insurance plans. With this range they are definitely worth exploring and the best news is, international health insurance plans tends to be a reasonable cost and are often very affordable.

Global mega-firm, Allianz, contain a specific section for international health insurance. Allianz Worldwide Care provides global health insurance plans for both individuals and groups who are moving abroad. They provide both international and regional health care plans and specific plans designed for groups of different sizes, whether than be a family of two, family of eight, a small or medium sized enterprise or even large corporate firms. For more information or if you are looking for a quote visit the Allianz Worldwide Care website.

Cigna Global Health has been in the business for decades and are arguably the most established international health care provider around. Cigna Global Health has a customer base of around 86 million across 200 different countries. Their extensive network of global doctors, hospitals and health care facilities will ensure you are properly covered. They always set out with the aim to be able to act on your claim within 5 working days of a properly documented claim and are able to make payments in more than 135 different world currencies.

These three are just a sliver of the different companies that are available to you, but hopefully we have opened your eyes into the various different factors that surround the different insurance plans. Making a decision on a plan can be hard but there are also many different websites that are set up to help you compare different providers, for example, the International Insurance website. Be sure to make a visit to them and we wish you all the best of luck in selecting an international insurance plan that is best for you.

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