• International Health Insurance Plans
    For those who travel and work abroad a lot international health insurance is definitely something that you should be looking into. You can never overvalue good health and access to affordable health care and even if you are only working or living abroad for a couple of months or weeks at a time, if it is a regular occurrence you must make sure you are covered as best as you can. This article will attempt to try and bring you up to speed with the basic factors that you should know about international health insurance and also importantly explain the differences between other similar types of insurance such as travel insurance which can sometimes be extremely confusing. The critical aspect of the international health insurance plans is that normally you are able to set up the plan to include aspects of health care which you wish to be covered by and also able to leave out anything which you may deem irrelevant. This way the plan is very much tailored to your needs and specific situation which will likely differ to others who are also living abroad. First of all, it should be pointed out that the fundamental difference between international health insurance and travel insurance can be found when looking at the type of insurance company that will act as the provider. International health insurance is primarily concerned with health, therefore, this type of insurance is typically provided by specialist health insurance companies such as Bupa or Vitality Health. Travel insurance, however, does not have the primary concern of health. Instead it is more concerned and tailored to make sure you are covered in terms of any potential mishaps that are commonly associated with travelling, for example, lost luggage, cancelled flights, accident and emergency care etc. This type of […]
  • Health Care Plans – Important Information on How it Works
    When it comes to health care, unless you are residing in a country which has a public health care system it is very likely for most individuals and families to take out some form of health insurance to cover the cost of medical expenses in any event that medical care or treatment may be required. This type of private health insurance tends to come in the form of a health care plan, specifically selected and set up to try and accommodate as best as possible to the needs of you and your family. The following article will serve as a brief introduction taking you through a few things that you should know about health care plans and how they work exactly. Countries such as the United Kingdom that have ‘single payer’ health care systems such as the National Health Service (NHS) tend to have less necessity for individuals to take out private health care plans due to the fact that much of their potential day to day medical expenses are available to them for the cost of nothing. These types of health care systems tend to be run on funding from taxation etc. Similar things can be said for countries that have a two tier medical care system in place such as the Netherlands, France, Hong Kong and Denmark etc. In two tier systems where the more affluent members of the population have the option to pay for an improved, more elite level of health care on top of the free, public service which is also available health care plans are more common. For more information on private health insurance specifically, please see the relevant posts in our blog section. Insurance mandate systems refer to a situation where the individuals in a population are required to buy some form of […]
  • What is Public Health Insurance System?
    Public health insurance is typically only available in countries which happen to possess a public health care system. Systems such as this do not exist in every country and public health care systems can also vary greatly from country to country. The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom is a prime example of a well-run, success proven health care system where the general population are subject to free GP visits, health treatments, hospital stays, consultancy etc. In countries without such a system, all of the above would require payment. In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) put together rankings of the world’s various health systems. Interestingly, the United Kingdom’s NHS ranked 18th, whilst France’s health care system ranked first with Italy second and San Marino third. Notably, Canada ranked 30th and the United States of America ranked 37th. The public health care system in France is commonly known as ‘universal health care’ which basically means that the majority of health care is funded mainly by the government and is available freely to all. As a sacrifice to finance such a health care system, France spends a little over 10% of their entire GDP on health care, however, due to their high number of doctors per capita it means that the system works well with patients always having a choice of doctors. In the UK, where there is a similar system, the strain is much higher, however, as the ratio of doctors to general population is not as high and as a result, issues such as long waits for appointments arise. For this reason, many people still opt for some form of private health care to compliment the government funded public system. In the United States, there has been an ongoing debate for some time now, discussing ways in […]
  • Reasons to Consider Private Health Insurance
    Never considered taking out private health insurance? Here are some reasons that may change your mind. Private health insurance is designed to cover the cost of medical care in the event that you may fall ill or be involved in an accident and require it in some form. In countries such as the United Kingdom where there is a public health service like the National Health Service (NHS), private health care can be less common, however, it does not mean that people shy away from it and millions of individuals in the UK live with some form of private health insurance plan. In countries such as the United States where there is no such thing as the NHS, private health insurance is much more widespread and embedded. This article will take you through a few of the benefits of private health insurance that may just change your mind towards considering a plan. You should also be sure to check what policies you may potentially be included under with new employees as many companies often have their own private health insurance which your family may also be a part of. Despite a health system such as the NHS leaving other nations salivating with envy it is not without its flaws. With pretty much the entire UK population having access to the system this can often leave the process of things such as booking appointments long and extended and therefore can slow down the pace at which a diagnosis could be made for example. With private health insurance you would have the ability to make fast track appointments which sorts you out with the most suited specialist in the shortest time possible. Everyone knows that comfort is invaluable when it comes to getting through treatment periods and the stage of recovery. Private […]
  • Key Information about Health Insurance Companies
    Health insurance is designed to cover the cost of an individual’s medical expenses. Typically, depending on the type of health insurance plan that has been taken out, the insured individual will pay for the medical expenses upfront and then will be reimbursed at a later stage by the insurance provider company. Alternatively, the insurance company themselves sometimes pay for the medical expenses directly to the health care provider i.e. a hospital or doctors surgery. You can never overvalue good health and this is why health insurance is a vital component in looking out for both your health and your finances and this is why millions of people have decided to set up a plan. This article will take you through what you can expect to be offered by health insurance companies, as well as taking you through examples of some of the most popular and most reliable health insurance companies in the market today. Health Insurance in different countries Health insurance varies from country to country. In the UK with the National Health Service the system is based on ‘single payment’ system which means that people employed in the health care sector are viewed as employees of the government and funding comes from taxation. Similar systems exist in some of the Scandinavian countries and Canada. In these countries, as the cost of health care is covered by the government and is therefore free, there is less requirement to take out a private health care plan. However, this does not necessarily mean that people do not opt for this type of health care plan and millions of people still seek out this type of private insurance coverage. In countries without the good fortune of having a public system such as this, however, the system is much different. It is entirely on […]